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Better understanding your body and self... feeling better about yourself.

Yes! Nutrition is super important. What you eat literally becomes you. It affects how you feel, think, act, interact....and much more.

Nutrition is directly related to the quality of life. However...

Nutrition isn't just about food alone...

Nutrition is also;

- The thoughts you think.

- The people you hang with.

- The media you consume.

- The environment you are in.

- The energy you allow in.

- The purpose you live.

- The connection to the source.

- The connection to yourself!

That's why Dietistenpraktijk DDietist works on a holistic level; the body, the mind; mentally, spiritually; your environment. The treatment of the whole person.

What does a holistic dietician do?

Holistic dieticians/nutritionists are specialized dieticians/nutritionists that heal patients using natural foods and products instead of conventional medical treatments. They also seek to remedy the entire or “whole” person (mind, body, and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms.

Holistic lifestyle advices.

Holistic approach, hoistische benadering behandeling dietetiek spiritueel, wetenschappelijk, dietetiek.

nutritional advice, holistic advice, orthomolecular advice, 

mental and spiritual coaching,

head- & body connection,

listening to body signals, meditation, body-oriented exercises (therapy).

Consultations in English and Dutch
Remote, Digital consultations, Worldwide..
Paramedical & Holistically

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online Holistic


with 100% personal approach

Holistisch dietist, voedingspsycholoog, polyvagaal therapie, zenuwstelsel, microbioom, darmen
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