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Dietistenpraktijk DDietist Amsterdam dietist Eetstoornissen emotie eten PCOS Hormoonbalans Leefstijladvies Cognitieve Gedragstherapie Mindfullness Pure Voeding

Clinical, Registered, Holistic Dietician and Cognitive behaviour therapist for dietetics (Expats / English).

Who do you call for professional help with nutrition and lifestyle – maybe to lower cholesterol, cope with a food intolerance, or get expert advice to eat better?


A Registered Dietician will answer your questions, make a personal food plan (personalised, calculated on personal needs, taste, questions of help, etc) or motivates/coach you to change your lifestyle.




The dietician will help you with nutrition and lifestyle advice in addition to:

  • Diabetes type 1 

  • Diabetes type 2 

  • High blood pressure  (Hypertension) 

  • Feeling tired/Low energy levels

  • IBS - Irritable Bowel syndrome (also the FODMAP diet - Pure/Organic)

  • Crohn disease

  • Colitis Ulserosa

  • Constipation, diarrhea - Digestion problems

  • Menopause

  • Dementia and Nutrition (changes in taste)

  • Hypercholesterol

  • Histamine Intolerance

  • Eating disorders

  • Emotional Eating

       (don't eat anymore because you are hurt, anxious, because you are              stressed, sad, etc. But eat because of purpose)

  • (Morbid) Obesity

  • Overweight

  • Underweight

  • Malnutrition

  • Behaviour changes (Changing Habits) (Nutrition and Lifestyle)

  • Sport nutrition

  • Building muscle mass

  • Dry skin / skin problems

  • Thyroid problems

  • MS

  • Chemotherapy / Cancer - Nutritional advice

  • Cellulitis

  • Gastritis 

  • Sleep apnea

  • Pregnancy

  • Gestational Diabetes

  • Nutrition and Breastfeeding

  • Nutrition and Burns

  • PCOS

  • Parkinson disease (nutrition and medicine use)

  • Proteinrich or poor diet - related to medical state

  • Restless legs

  • (Top)models - Nutritional advice

  • Nutrition and a Gastric bypass

  • Children and weight problems

  • Cutten

  • Osteoporosis

  • Quit smoking and eat healthy

  • Refined Sugar Free diet - Sugar addiction

  • Natural/Organic/Pure food plan 

  • Paleo Diet / Low Carb

  • Vegetarian diet 

  • Vegan diet

  • Detox

  • Slowjuicing (Green smoothies)

  • Body Analysis (Tanita Scale - Fat%, Muscle mass, Fat-Free mass, Bone mass, Visceral Fat, Total Body Water, etc.)

  • Hormone balance

  • Allergies

  • Bariatric Surgery and Nutrition

  • Mindfulness

  • Metabolic Nutrition plan 

  • Personal Nutrition plan (Personal Goals)

  • Stress, Burn out and Food

  • Dietitian & Personal Training (Dietistenpraktijk DDietist works together with different Personal Trainers (NASM & FMS Certified)

  • (pesco-ovo-vegatarian) Ketodiet


Do you have (a) different health problem(s) or questions about nutrition and lifestyle, other than mentioned above?

Just contact the dietitian to ask if she can help you.



Studies Nutrition and Behaviour for clients, GP's, and specialisations for Dieticians (Daughter-company of Dietistenpraktijk DDietist): / 



Click here for the Contact formular.



Clinical, Registered, Holistic Dietician &
Cognitive behaviour therapist for Dietetics
(Expats / English)

What does a holistic dietician do?

Holistic dieticians/nutritionists are specialized dieticians/nutritionists that heal patients using natural foods and products instead of conventional medical treatments. They also seek to remedy the entire or “whole” person (mind, body, and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms.

Personal nutritional plans, totally calculated and made on personal goals, taste, help questions.

No 'Dutch' standard nutritional schedules!

Warm lunches are possible, made on personal taste. All nutritional plans are personally made, with a large variety of meal options.

English Expats Nutrition Dietitian Amsterdam
English Expats Nutrition Dietitian Amsterdam
English Expats Nutrition Dietitian Amsterdam
English Expats Nutrition Dietitian Amsterdam
English Expats Nutrition Dietitian Amsterdam
Did you know that  80% of every goal* is reached with nutrition
*Health goals; Lower Cholesterol, Lower Bloodpressure, Better sleeping, Fat loss, Gaining muscle mass, improve sport performance, Hormone balance, upgrade energylevels...



*Nutrition and Dietetics - Feedback on food-diary, Personal Nutritional plan/guidelines, Lifestyle plan, Training schedule.

*Meal and dining out support.

* Cognitive Behaviour Therapie (Behaviour changes).

* Full day services (4 or 8 hours Personal Food & Lifestyle Information, Advices & Coaching).

* Instacoaching.

* Corporate or small business nutrition consulting.

* Supermarket tours and personal grocery shopping lessons.

* Individual, family and small group nutrition counseling for adolescents and adults.

* Media, nutrition presentations and spokesperson.

* Food intake a recipe nutrient analysis.

* Body composition analysis.

* Skin fold Measurements.

* Sour-Base testing (ph - values in the body).

* Macro nutrients - Personal needs, calculated.

* Glucose - Blood-sugar values tests, Vit D tests, Cholesterol tests, Blood pressure.


* Food sensitivity testing, analysis and personal nutrition plan; * Analysis of vitamins & minerals in the body. 
Bloodtests / Imu-pro tests (allergies/intolerances).

* Lifestyle programs designed together with a certified a Personal Trainer (optional).

What is a normal and healthy food-pattern for me? The Dietician will help you find out which (combination of) foods and how much is healthy for you personally and your lifestyle...(listening to body signals and having a personal nutritional plan for guidelines).

Consultations in English and Dutch
Remote, Digital consultations, Worldwide..
Paramedical & Holistically

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online Holistic


with 100% personal approach

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