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Digital consultations - Body analysis tool - remote.

''Spren is a new body composition scan that uses your smartphone camera to measure body fat percentage, lean mass, and more — with accuracy comparable to lab-grade methods used by dietitians and doctors.


Get a multi-page pdf report that includes:

• Body fat %

• Fat mass

• Lean mass

• Android fat

• Gynoid fat

• Resting metabolic rate


Plus, see how your results compare to healthy and optimal ranges from published research.


The technology seems magical, but the science behind the imaging algorithm has been validated by several independent peer-reviewed studies, making research-grade body composition analysis accessible to anyone with a smartphone.


Spren is more convenient than comparable methods like DEXA and underwater weighing, and the results are more comprehensive and accurate than bathroom scales or other apps.


Focusing on weight loss alone may not be helping you achieve your deeper health goals.  If you're losing lean mass versus body fat, you're not getting fitter.


With Spren you will:

• Avoid the confusion and frustration of false plateaus.

• Help understand if your nutrition, fitness, and recovery programs are working for you.

• Ensure that you're making progress toward your deeper health goals.


Discover the true progress of your fat loss, lean gains, metabolic health, and longevity with Spren's research-grade body composition analysis — go beyond the scale and take control of your health journey. Sign up for a subscription and start your journey today when you opt into one of our flexible subscription plans. You can cancel at any time.''

Dietistenpraktijk DDietist maakt gebruik van Spren bij remote (digitale) behandelingen (optioneel). De optie om Spren in te zetten mbt meten van een lichaamsanalyse (meerdere keren op vaste tijdstippen/per vaste perioden) tijdens een behandeling, geeft inzichten in de mate van progressie ten aanzien van je holistische voedings- / gedrag- / leefstijl veranderingen.



'Terms of service:

Privacy policy:

Your data is processed securely in the cloud.'

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Spen - AI body analysis

Spren Bodyanalysis AI
Spren Bodyanalysis AI
Spren Bodyanalysis AI

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