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Important Notices:

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After the Summer holidays (2022), the practice location will only be open for current clients, clients registered before the Summer holidays/stop 2022).For new clients (registrations after the Summer Break 2022) only open for (weighing consultations and) digital consultations(including video consultations, photo diary coaching & chats).

The physical practice location in Amsterdam will close from December the 23rd 2022 due to emigration to Portugal - Digital consultations are still possible (possibly a stop of a few weeks due to emigration - relocation).

Do you want to plan ahead in the agenda?

Contact us via the contact form by email. or (faster) via 06-3000-5867

via Whatsapp - Then send: Full name (or full name parent & child), request for help briefly explained, email address and telephone number where I can/can reach you (if this is not the same number you contact via Whatsapp).

You/You can expect a response within a few hours.

Notice - regarding Emigration Portugal.
From July 2022 
only 'Digital intakes/consultations' possible for new clients (for more information, read the letter on the right (desktop) or above (mobile site)).

Consultations in English and Dutch.

Nourish yourself beyond nutrition.

Learning to maintain a healthy diet, feeling good in your body, taking good care of yourself, requires more than just giving nutritional advice. So many more factors play a role.  Dietitian Practice DDietist specializes in 'Dietetics & Nutritional Psychology' and therefore uses a holistic approach (coaching on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level)* (read below the gray text, in green, which means a holistic approach).  


Have you lost (any form of) support? or have you never learned how to nourish your body healthily and lovingly? Did you get an illness and do you want to know how you can best adjust your diet (and lifestyle) to bring your body into the best possible balance? How to feed your body in a healthy and loving way, how to (learn to) listen to your body?

Then it might be nice (an option) to have a very extensive personal nutrition plan drawn up in addition to coaching (or to evaluate your nutrition by means of photo-eating diaries), completely composed and calculated on personal needs, goals, lifestyle and health complaints, diseases, etc. You can use this nutrition plan as a guideline to (learn to) feed your body healthily during the journey to learn to listen to your body and its signals. In addition to this nutrition plan, exercises will be given during the treatment to learn to listen to your body (needs / signals), to improve the connection between your head and body, so that you no longer need the nutrition plan at a later time_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (nurturing lovingly) .


Dietary advice: At Dietistenpraktijk DDietist you will always receive personal advice, not a standard diet plan or treatment. Every person is different and therefore has different needs, limits & wishes (different experiences and a different body, different genes). A nutrition plan can be used as a 'grip' and as a 'guideline for personal healthy nutrition', because in addition to this personal nutrition plan, you are coached on learning to listen to your own body signals and building a nice (loving) bond with your body .


Are you not comfortable in your body? Then first ask yourself; What kind of connection do I have with my body, or; Do I have a connection with my body? Am I listening to my body? In most cases there are several factors that can cause an imbalance, and an imbalance can manifest itself differently in everyone. What feels like an imbalance for one person may not be for another. 


Overweight, but also underweight,   can have a genetic cause as a result of which your body is built differently or reacts hormonally differently, but can also be caused by a formed imbalance (think of trauma / formed diseases);_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ ignoring or not being able to feel good about personal needs (in various areas in your life), always putting yourself last, low self-confidence, not being able to give substance to your own identity, depression, prolonged (excessive) exposure to stress (burnout), hormone imbalance, drug use, or other possible causes that bring the person off balance.


Dietitian Practice DDietist offers coaching and guidance in areas, both physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic; Holistic,  ' Learn to love your body what you have been given and learn to nourish and care for it in a healthy, loving way, with whatever weight outcome. Because ultimately it is important that you 'come or are in balance' holistically; 'Being healthy (and happiness is a big part of that too!)'.   There is no one specific advice weight or one specific advice. The treatment takes on personal shape as the treatment is continued.

Does this also suit you?;  Remain open to learning moments during and after the treatment (in every phase of life)  for learning moments (see negative experiences such as learning moments, falling down and getting up stronger). Your holistic dietitian sees life as one big lesson,  because you never stop learning. Your dietitian also regularly learns in the field of holism. If you stop learning (taking lessons from your own experiences, lessons from others, literature, podcasts, feedback, trial and error)?, you stop growing. Do you remain open to new insights, do you not give up, do you see negative experiences as learning moments, and do you give your body the rest and time to learn and be there? Then you continue to grow holistically towards a better balance; physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually.


Do you suspect or know that you have an eating disorder (with or without a diagnosis)? Dietician practice DDetist is broadly specialized in the field of eating problems, eating-disturbed thoughts, eating disorders and emotional eating (also a form of imbalance).   (Dietician/Dietetics and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (Nutritional Psychology/Psychology). 


The dietitian also helps with broad questions about nutrition and lifestyle in various diseases, before and after bariatric surgery, product innovation and support, hormone disorders and certain dietary changes that must be applied where there is uncertainty whether own adjustments are applied to completeness and or correctness. think of advice for allergies, intolerances, intestinal complaints or choices in changing the diet such as becoming/being vegetarian or vegan.

Dascha Willemsen is a quality registered dietician (& Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for Dietetics (Nutritional Psychology), eating disorder coach & lifestyle coach), i.e. not only a basic registered dietitian.  This means that the dietician keeps knowledge up to date through regular additional training to follow, can provide evidence regarding intensive work & participation in various areas related to dietetics and meets all quality requirements that the Quality Register Paramedics uses

(12 years experience).

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Dietician practice DDiëtist has been specialized for 12 years (from October 10, 2010 the practice was officially opened (registration Chamber of Commerce), the year before voluntary work in dietetics  field) in eating problems, emotional eating, 

eating disorders, hormonal (im)balance (including PCOS & fertility), nutrition & pregnancy(s) (diabetes) and certain syndromes.  We use a unique treatment method and there are no (long) waiting lists. We also work together with clinics, research labs, body-oriented therapists (& holistic massage), mesologists, psychologists and other disciplines if necessary.

We Believe…

  • “Healthy” and “unhealthy” bodies both come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • You don’t have to settle for mediocre health or a messed up relationship with food.

  • Diets don’t work. However, intuitive eating principles, coupled with personalized nutrition, transforms lives every day.

  • Your body is communicating to you. Let’s be kind and listen.

"We are born as feelers and made as thinkers."

*A holistic view/approach  means that you assume connection . Everything in and around you is connected to each other and one cannot exist without the other. Holistically, you are made up of five levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. If those levels are in balance with each other, you can speak of a healthy balance between body and mind.

Nourishing Mind, Body & Soul.

Hippocrates of Kos once said; "More important than the disease the person has is the person who has the disease."

Receiving people and involving their personality and not selecting on a symptom or not. We should not focus on the forms of treatment and attune the persons to it, but see persons as individuals and as a whole; treat in a holistic manner.  

If you don't make time for your physical & mental health, you will unfortunately be forced to make time for your illness. 

Where are you  or you looking for ?

Am I getting enough nutrients?

Do I have no shortages?

Someone who motivates me to achieve my personal goals.

Vegetarian and Vegan personal nutrition plans & advice (also beginners)

Eating problems (binge eating):

Preventing Physiological Triggers & Emotional Triggers

Learning to deal with my eating disorder  eating problems, emotional eating (bingeing) (Coaching nutrition, hormone balance (preventing triggers)  and behavior change)

Research into allergies, intolerances internal - possibilities for hormone test(s)  external.

Coaching, counseling & therapy in the field of eating disorders.
Self-image, self-confidence coaching (working on self-esteem, self-esteem)

Build-up schedule, healthy diet and guidance after a crash diet

( note: the dietician is not in favor of crash diets, but if you have chosen this anyway? the dietician will gladly help you pick up a healthy diet and a good build-up schedule)

Holistic Nutritionist:

Nutritional advice, lifestyle advice including;  medical history, diet history, psychological factors, sleep pattern, bowel movements, stress level, physical activity, eating disorder

Fighting parasites in a natural way (without antibiotics) (many successes already achieved; Amoebe / H-Pylori, etc.)

Mental help

Learn to take good care of yourself

children's dietetics

Feeding schedule after  stomach reduction, 

Gastric bypass & Gastric sleeve

Professional in advice

regarding Functional foods and product innovation


Learning to listen to body signals, boundaries and personal needs

body positivity

Non-Diet Approach

Feedback on my eating habits & food diary

Online consultations (e-Health) 

Specialist in treating  eating disorders; approach to the psychological, dietetics  and behavioral aspect.

Prevention, guidance and advice in postnatal depression
Improving the company canteen
(Healthier range of foods & meals)


Advice with which I can lose weight in a healthy way and do not feel hungry (stabilizing the blood sugar level)

Sports nutrition & Vegan diet

Learning to eat with attention

Dutch Diet Plans & Nutritional Guidelines in English

Pure nutritional advice, whole foods

Advice for the elderly (with health problems, loss of appetite,  forgetting to eat (dementia/alzheimer's), swallowing problems, etc.)

Diet/lifestyle advice in Down syndrome.

Learning to eat intuitively

Exposure Therapy, Awareness Therapy & Reality Testing

A Personal Nutrition Plan, tailor-made

Supermarket coaching, labels
learn to read and learn to make healthy choices

Teaching my body to 'nourish' instead of 'fill'.

To lose weight

Awareness Therapy

Nutrition & Lifestyle advice for my illness(es)

Photo nutrition coaching using a  app.

Preventing a constant feeling of hunger through insight  in hormone-regulating dietary advice (including blood sugar levels &  insulin delivery), which are not difficult to apply and maintain.

low carb  & Vegan or Vegetarian diet

healthier life

Advice regarding my Hormone Balance

Refined sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free and/or  learn to eat animal-free

Grocery coaching in the supermarket together with the dietician / coach

Nutrition/Lifestyle Advice
before/during/after pregnancy
and in fertility problems
Substantiated nutritional advice

Portion control & how to read  labels ( Nutrition facts)

Eating Consciously - Learning to Listen to My Mental and Physical Needs.

Diet/lifestyle advice for gestational diabetes. Advice to stabilize blood glucose levels. so that your baby does not grow too fast and stays healthy. 

Online guidance 

Orthomolecular advice (supplementation)

More stable energy both physically and mentally through hormone balance and explanation about this

Dietetics & Personal Training

Positivity training + reducing uncertainty  (working on self-confidence and identity).  


Learning to deal with perfectionism, negative emotions such as sadness, anger, disappointment, etc., the origin, allowing &  treaties.

Special nutritional advice at  the
Down syndrome

Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice especially for children

Body and head - connection (through exercises and awareness)

Did you/Have you found  what are you looking for?

Please contact Dietistenpraktijk DDietist

In Collaboration & Advice Points:

Dietist practice DDietist works without sponsors & has  no paid collaborations

Bariatrische chirurgie, dietist, Maagband, Maagballon, After care, Nabehandeling, Anorexia, Boulimia, Orthorexia, Depressie, Kinderen

Paulo Bibiano


PBPersonalTraining  - NASM & FMS Certified Personal Trainer - Weight Loss (Fat%) - Gain Mussclemass - Posture, Strength, Condition, etc.

Lessons in Dutch, English and Portuguese.

Individual or group lessons, boot camp, boxing &  high-end.

Locations: Amsterdam -

Gym Base (self employed), Outdoor; Vondel Park & Amsterdam Forest,  David Lloyd  

Close collaboration with the dietician (Life/Health/Sport) .

Phone: 0681842319


Bariatrische chirurgie, dietist, Maagband, Maagballon, After care, Nabehandeling, Anorexia, Boulimia, Orthorexia, Depressie, Kinderen



Fit2Kids - The Fit2Kids lifestyle program (click here for more information) has been developed for children who are (severely) overweight between 6-14 years old. Together with a qualified Personal Trainer and the dietitian, a lifestyle plan is drawn up and the child's health is improved. The aim of this program is to let the child enjoy working on her or his health.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 16.53.28.png
Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 16.53.35.png

Manja Kamman

Manja Kamman is a licensed hypnotherapist and counselor. She  supports  people with unwanted habits, substance or pattern dependence (also eating disorders). Her guidance is effective, personal, profound and enriching.


Bariatrische chirurgie, dietist, Maagband, Maagballon, After care, Nabehandeling, Anorexia, Boulimia, Orthorexia, Depressie, Kinderen

life sum

Lifesum App. Healthy living, simplified.

Standard (free) & Gold upgrade  (monthly there is a small amount associated with this).- Track your food intake, drinks &  activity. Helps to reach your goals - Dietician practice DDietist uses Lifesum during the treatment if the client prefers this.


Bariatrische chirurgie, dietist, Maagband, Maagballon, After care, Nabehandeling, Anorexia, Boulimia, Orthorexia, Depressie, Kinderen

Sup & More


Sup & Meer, together with Dietistenpraktijk DDietist, has developed the Shape it (S)UP! developed, which works on making your diet healthier and working on your condition by regular supping.


Dietist, Voedingscoach, Expats, Goede beoordeling, Online coach, Dietetiek


Do you have a FitBit? Then it can be used during treatment & coaching!

Activity Trackers & More

Find your fit with  Fitbits  family of fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.


Dietist Amsterdam, Beste dietist, Persoonlijk voedingsadvies, Persoonlijk Voedingsplan, Hormonen

Alida van Doorn


Psychotherapy practice

You/You can contact us here:  depression, anxiety and stress symptoms.  Additional areas of attention are the treatment of eating problems, autonomy and identity problems.

Collaboration with Dietistenpraktijk DDietist when desired in case of eating problems.


Dietist Amsterdam, Beste dietist, Persoonlijk voedingsadvies, Persoonlijk Voedingsplan, Hormonen
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Ladycomp, Daysy


Measuring fertility, without hormones in the body - 99.4% reliable



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Grip Fertility

There is no absolute predictor of your fertility. 
But we can test a lot.

Grip helps you rule out the most common causes of reduced fertility, just like hospital specialists would.

Dietician practice DDietist works together with Grip and makes personal advice plans based on lab tests.

Discount code:  DDetist


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Dietetics Studies


Dietician practice DDietist provides Podcast courses and studies to newly graduated dieticians and dieticians who want to specialize in a certain area under the name 'Dietetic studies'. You can also contact us about Nutrition for General Practitioners and POH. Podcast courses are also available, nutrition lessons related to various topics, for consumers.  †


Dietist Amsterdam, Beste dietist, Persoonlijk voedingsadvies, Persoonlijk Voedingsplan, Hormonen

The Rub 


Dietitian practice DDietist advises (if needed)  massages with Jade Calitz, from The Rub.

Here you can go for wonderful good massages, with which  blood circulation is stimulated, muscle tension can be reduced  reduced, the nervous system balances, inner peace achieved, the immune system improved, partly because of this emotional balance can  find and de-stress.


Dietist Amsterdam, Beste dietist, Persoonlijk voedingsadvies, Persoonlijk Voedingsplan, Hormonen

Blood test 


Dietician practice DDietist works together with Bloedwaardentest.nl

You can come here for various blood tests, including hormone testing, testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, etc.

Together with the dietitian it can be determined which test can possibly be done, results can be analyzed together with the dietician. Your nutritional & lifestyle advice can be adjusted to the results.


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Traditional Chinese Medicine

With almost twenty years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine, the practice Manon Ritter is a trusted beacon in the Amsterdam region. Women and couples can come here for advice, guidance and treatment in the field of their desire to have children (including IVF trajectory), pregnancy, around childbirth and post-natal. The treatment can consist of acupuncture, the use of herbs, cupping, moxa therapy and, where desirable, elements from other disciplines.


Voedingscoach, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Online coaching, Dietist met psychologische achtergrond, Cholesterol, Bariatrische Chirurgie

 Slow juicers 


Dietitian practice DDietist works together with Versapers, slow juicers. Order your Versapers slow juicer via Dietistenpraktijk DDietist  with discount.

Dietitian Practice DDietist gives Slowjuice workshops, Detoxing, Explaining the health benefits for adults and children - easily get plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Preserve vitamins and minerals (nutrients) and increase your resistance. Make juices, soups, sauces etc.  packed with vitamins and minerals, too  Bee  cancer recovery.


Voedingscoach, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Online coaching, Dietist met psychologische achtergrond, Cholesterol, Bariatrische Chirurgie

Midwives  Hygiene

Midwifery Practice Hygiëa is a small-scale practice in Amsterdam South. This allows them to provide personal care. Continuity is also important to them and with two midwives this can be easily guaranteed. Your wishes for pregnancy, delivery and maternity are paramount. A lot is possible, as long as the safety of you and your child is not endangered.


Clients through VPHygiea with gestational diabetes (click here)

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 15.58.47.png

Pcos Solutions

  • 100% natural

  • Targeting the causes of PCOS

  • Based on scientific studies

  • Objective information

  • Information service by email

  • Expert in the field of PCOS.


Dietist, eetstoornissen, expats, english, emotioneel eten, hormoonbalans, darmklachten, Crohn, Colitis, Emotie eten, Schildklier, Diabetes, Hoge bloeddruk, Cholesterol, Obesitas

Square 20 

Dietician practice DDetist works  closely with Plein 20. Plein20 is an independent psychotherapy practice for children, young people, adults, parents and families.  

Plein 20 treats almost all forms of psychological problems and  offers both generalist basic mental health care and specialized mental health care.  

Plein20's practitioners are specialized in various treatment methods.  

In addition to psychotherapy, Plein20 offers psychodiagnostic research, coaching and advice.  


Since its foundation in 1989, Plein20 has been offering customized care within a small-scale and flexible organization.  

Psychotherapists - Barbara  van den Broeke,  Caroline van Nistelrooij, Ieke van Tilburg & Bram Horjus.

Collaboration  with Dietistenpraktijk DDietist for eating problems, among other things.



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''My specialty is to help you gain clarity in who you are, and to help you trust your own intuition
trust. In this way, the life you have always dreamed of deep down will come into existence. I believe that in the times we now live in and the shift that is taking place now contributes to greater awareness. It is my soul mission to let you stand in your own power, so that you can blindly trust your own intuition!"

Anouk Blauen, collaboration with Dietistenpraktijk DDietist.


Dietist, eetstoornissen, expats, english, emotioneel eten, hormoonbalans, darmklachten, Crohn, Colitis, Emotie eten, Schildklier, Diabetes, Hoge bloeddruk, Cholesterol, Obesitas

imc .

Dietician practice DDetist works  closely with the Integral Medical Center.

Various disciplines are active in the IMC in order to promote multidisciplinary collaboration. You can go here for

Mesology, Osteopathy and  Psychotherapy.  

Your treatment at the IMC and at Dietistenpraktijk DDietist can be coordinated in order to resolve your complaints faster and to optimize the treatment.


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Boho Tiffin

Would you like to take a delicious salad with sourdough bread on the go? and before four o'clock a healthy snack of, for example, pieces of fruit and unsalted nuts?

Then are
  the traditional Dutch lunchbox and plastic trays are less suitable. The Boho-Tiffin looks nice, but is especially useful when  you want to take healthy food with you on a walk!


Dietist, eetstoornissen, expats, english, emotioneel eten, hormoonbalans, darmklachten, Crohn, Colitis, Emotie eten, Schildklier, Diabetes, Hoge bloeddruk, Cholesterol, Obesitas

Pro Health Medical

Dietitian practice DDietist works together with ProHealth Medical.

Complaints such as; headaches, weight problems, ADHD, bowel problems and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). These symptoms can be caused by a food intolerance (food hypersensitivity). The ImuPro is a test for IgG reactions. Would you like to have a test performed? Ask the dietitian about the options.  

Laboratory Pro Health Medical.


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Slow juice juices. Detoxing can be done under the supervision of a dietitian.

100% pure organic fruit and vegetable juice.

Dietician practice DDietist advises Sapje during detoxes. You can contact the dietician for a personal discount code, only in combination with consultations.


Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 17.17.33.png

Dafna Suskind

Dafna Suskind is a Mesologist.

The name Mesology refers to the mesoderm, the connective tissue, here the reactions take place in the body that ensure that the body is / comes into balance with itself and its environment.

Within diagnostics, both regular and complementary examinations are used to form a unique patient picture.


400x300_logo (1).jpg


Food supplements delivered to your home.

Flinndal promises:

HACCP certified production, Developed by specialists, No unnecessary additives, Safely dosed,

  Compiled obt scientific research.

Discount code:  personal code to be obtained during consultations.

15% discount from 15 euros spent on the website:


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The Medical Diagnostic Laboratory offers reliable laboratory tests of the highest quality.


Schermafbeelding 2022-06-15 om 11.58.04.png
Collaboration with the Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and the Nutrition Circle . Possibilities for investigations and lab tests for various requests for help. Based on the results, personal nutritional advice (nutrition plans) and lifestyle advice can be drawn up.
See how you eat, voedingsadvies voedingsbegeleiding coach dietist online, app, voedingsapp, dieetapp
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See How You Eat

An app that puts you in touch with your own dietician. The app helps you by means of a Photo food diary, alarm clocks for eating moments, taking notes on the photos and sharing directly with your dietitian for personal feedback and guidance.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 18.17.26.png
Dietitian info
Information about Dietitian practices throughout the Netherlands.
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Power Kitchen

Nutritious baking mixes, completely Vegan and without unnecessary additives.

Discount code: 'plentyofhealth' or 'ddietist'.


Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 20.05.23.png

Motis Psychology

MOTIS PSYCHOLOGY offers treatment in Basic GGZ and Specialist GGZ; coaching trajectories; business services and mindfulness courses.

Jorien Tissink is specialized in treating eating disorders.


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Motis Psychology

MOTIS PSYCHOLOGY offers treatment in Basic GGZ and Specialist GGZ; coaching trajectories; business services and mindfulness courses.

Jorien Tissink is specialized in treating eating disorders.


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Frankincense & Myrrh

The webshop for essential oils. Are you an HSP? Then oils can have a positive effect on your daily life.

Each oil has its own powerful effect, each oil its own wonderful scent! There are also effective mixed (blended) oils that specifically target a specific effect. But what exactly are essential oils? And how do you use them safely? Frankincense & Mirre is happy to provide you with more information about this. Wellness Advocate dōTERRA

Client discount? As a client of DDiëtist, ask for the code (10%).


Mind Korrelatie eetstoornissen hulp help hulplijn

MOTIS PSYCHOLOGY offers treatment in Basic GGZ and Specialist GGZ; coaching trajectories; business services and mindfulness courses.

Jorien Tissink is specialized in treating eating disorders.


Dietetics are partly reimbursed from the basic policy by the health insurer.
An additional policy entitles you to a higher reimbursement if Dietetics falls within this. Dietician practice DDietist works (consciously) contract-free and independent.
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Dietist Amsterdam Emotie eten Eetstoornissen PCOS Hormoonbalans Leefstijladvies Voedingsadvies Mindfulnes Cognitieve gedragstherapie Dietist
Dietist Amsterdam Emotie eten Eetstoornissen PCOS Hormoonbalans Leefstijladvies Voedingsadvies Mindfulnes Cognitieve gedragstherapie Dietist
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Schermafbeelding 2022-01-28 om 15.17.27.png

Dietician practice DDietist is affiliated with the Dutch Association of Dieticians, Natuurdietisten Nederland and meets the Quality Requirements Paramedics *


View client reviews about treatments at Dietistenpraktijk DDietist here:
Healthcare card Netherlands
  & Google review
And give (anonymous)
  your assessment about the treatment, accommodation, dietician, etc. at Dietistenpraktijk DDietist. Thanks in advance

Clients can also be treated  for an eating disorder  at Dietistenpraktijk DDietist, assess the treatment on Proud2BMe - Platform for young people with an eating disorder.



Zorgkaart Nederland Dietist Amsterdam Natuurdietist Voedingscoach Online dieetadvies Eetstoornissen Expats Emotioneel eten Hormoonadvies
Kwaliteitsgeregistreerd dietist holistisch dietist eetstoornissen eetproblemen hormoonbalans nutritionist dietician dietitiang 2022-02-17 om 16.09.31.png


Kwaliteitsgeregistreerd dietist holistisch dietist eetstoornissen eetproblemen hormoonbalans nutritionist dietician dietitian
Schermafbeelding 2022-04-23 om 13.21_edited.png

* Visible quality

The Dietitian loves  her expertise is up to standard because she believes good care is important  and you can check this yourself. The dietician of Dietistenpraktijk DDietist  state  namely listed in the Quality Register Paramedics. The Quality Register Paramedics is an independent organization that not only registers whether a paramedic has the correct diploma,  It is also tested whether the paramedic complies  to the quality requirements set by the profession in the field of expertise development.


Check it yourself!

Only paramedics who have the correct diploma and who demonstrably meet the quality requirements in the field of work experience and expertise are listed in the Paramedics Quality Register. You can check this yourself at any time by consulting the register. You use the unique KP registration number of the paramedic for this.


The KP registration number of Dascha Willemsen (BSc, Registered Dietitian) is  



With the help of the KP registration number you can consult the registry and check the current status of a paramedic  is. In this way we make the quality of care visible and you can see that we take our profession seriously. Consult the register by clicking on the KP logo (above  logo).